Our Patient Speaks

How do we say thank you to you all, for all you did for us, a small word with a lot of meaning

Thank you first to Dr Shaloob and all the doctors in CCU, all the nursing staff and everyone else that worked in there. You all always had a smile for us even at the worst time, it so helped us. David will always remember Ginta holding his hand on many occasions, and she was not the only one. You work so hard and save many lives, because of you all we were able to take David home. Even when you were busy you still had time for us. Dr Shaloob spoke to myself and our daughter Andrea everyday explaining what was happening, and when Andrea and Alison went home, he made sure David and myself understood everything each day.

You are wonderful people, and will always be special to us.

Thank you to all staff on the fourth floor, you lovely nurses again with always a smile, we had a little problem with the language but we managed to get by, we did try to learn a few names. Again nothing was too much trouble, you were there to help at any time. The doctors on that floor looked after David and even me at times.

Everyone is needed and part of the team, even the staff that clean, again always with that smile, and we managed to sort of understand one another. To the staff in the canteen, they looked after me, and helped me through, I was really pleased that some of the staff working there could speak a some english, and still everyone had that smile. We may have got some things wrong, but we got there in the end, it was good when David was able to walk up there for our coffee.

Thank you to all the administration staff, the ladies on the front desk, who were of enormous help to me, and the patience they needed to help me understand what was wanted, from payments, to organising everything we needed. It was hard at the start but we got there and of course the smiles all the time. Thank you to all the other admin staff, pharmacy ladies always a smile and wave, security plus smiles. To the ED and the arrangement of the media, which we felt we did not do you justice, we had hoped to do a better talk than we did. The birthday cake well what a day, you made it so special, and lots more smiles.

Thank you to the people that came and talked to us, helped so much at the

Thank you to doctors and staff that were not actually looking after us but came to make sure we were alright, Dr Jose and many others. Anyone that passed our room would call in to say hello. It all helped us through our difficult time.

To EVERYONE you are very special people we will never forget you, thank you.

Our love and best wishes to you all, you will always have a place in our hearts, ️ and never stop those smiles.

Our daughter Andrea and niece Alison send their love
David and Lynda Lincoln England

I hope someone can translate into your language so that you can all read this

"I am very impressive by the efficient service by all the staff and the observation of good frame from the doctors.."

I have been hospitalized in kannur koyli hospital due to chest pain on 29th July. Doctor advised me to go for bypass surgery which I never expected and I was so shocked as well as my family. By the Almighty of Allah i reached here in a right time to a right person.

Doctor sir your keen efforts and you brought me from bypass to angioplasty. I am very much healthy now and also you gave me new life; though ultimate healer is Allah. May Allah Bless you with good health happy life thru out your life. Here I would like express my sincere thanks Dr.Gireesh and all team members who ever get involved my case. I have seen good hospitality and good care from all your colleagues especially staff nurses who cared and shared with a positive manner. They are all humble and very positive manner. I remember few names shilpa anna Della Ameen.

Hence I would request you to appreciate all of them them on behalf me and family. I definitely recommend to others who is suffering from cardio related problems will consult with you. I know you would be very busy on your day to day routines. However I will b in touch with you sometimes on special occasions.

Thank you sir

Musthaque Pulsarakath, E mail: mpulsarakath@etihad.ae, Contact 00971507801795

I am Sulaiman 65 year old male, I was suffering various cardiac related issues for the last 19 years. I have consulted several Cardiologists in India for treatment for my disease, but the result was not positive. Because the doctors advised me a CABG Surgery, which was not possible for me due to poor vessels .The doctors were not confident to perform the surgery due to this problem. As a last chance I came to Metromed International Cardiac Centre at Kozhikode, and consulted Dr. Mohammed Musthafa, the Chief Cardiologist of MICC. He shown a full confidence to me and advise me CABG surgery and referred to Dr. Nandakumar, who is the Chief Cardio Thoracic surgeon at MICC. He gives me full support and performed surgery. Now I am free from all health issues and feeling more relaxed .One more that the comfort and peaceful atmosphere at MICC is well appreciated.

We hereby express our sincere gratitude to the Cardiology Department and The Cardio Thoracic Surgery Team for the best treatment given to Mrs. Rukiya We also express our sincere thanks to the nurses and the Physiotherapist for their best after care treatments.

We wish all the best towards the institution.

Has been here in room no: 518 for almost three weeks. Special appreciation for all nursing staffs for the special care and love showed towards us. Their willingness and mind to service must be appreciated and admired. Special thanks to all The experience was awesome and thanks to Dr. Arun Gopi

Thanking you

Hai everyone, I am Yogesh 31 year, working at Bahrain . I was facing various health problems for last one year due to my uncontrolled high cholesterol level. I was not able to walk or run as my same aged friends. For that I consulted a doctor at Bahrain and doctor said that this is because of high cholesterol and should start taking to medicines. But I stopped medicines after 6 month. Soon after a major heart attack happened to me and I was hospitalized for a one week at Bahrain. The doctors medically managed the situation and advised me a CABG Surgery. After the discharge I came back to home and I went to various hospital for consulting and getting advise form doctors. All the doctors advice me the same. But body was ready to do the surgery because of the severity of the diseases. all the doctors were saying that an emergency surgery is too risky for me. and one of them advice me a heart transplantation. I was deeply depressed and out of control, I don’t know what to do, and nobody was there to advise me . That time, As a last chance I went to Metromed International Cardiac Centre Kozhikode , For consulting Dr. Mohammed Shaloob, He made a detailed examination and advice me CABG, moreover doctor gave me full confidence towards the surgery. And he referred to Dr.Nandakumar , who is the chief and director of cardiac surgery department at Metromed Cardiac Centre .Dr Nandakumar also give me the confidence and I underwent Bypass Surgery at Metro Now I am back to work at Bahrain.

Thank you MICC…Thank you very much…. For giving me a quality life back…………..

Thanking you