Other Facilities

Food & beverage

Our Dieticians are available to help you decide what is good for your health. Your diet is prepared, in consultation with you and your doctor. Therefore, the menu will need to be finalized 10.30 am for lunch and 6.30 pm for dinner. Outside food and utensils are not permitted inside the hospital. The hospital kitchen provides Vegetarian meals. Non-vegetarian food is provided on request with dietician's permission. Additional fruit juices and snacks may be provided through the cafeteria, which shall be charged extra.
Relatives are requested to utilize the cafeteria for all their food requirements. Kindly acknowledge, any orders which are non routine, will take 15 minutes to reach you , kindly bear with us on the same.

Bedding and clothing

Bedding from outside is not allowed. Provision of bedding for your relative is made as follows:

Blood bank

The hospital has a policy of using only fresh blood for any procedure when required. Requirements for the same are met by the hospital blood bank and are chargeable. If possible, we request you to organize your own donors. Around 3 donors might be required for the same. They have to come to the hospital one day prior to surgery, for donation.

Charges will be levied, irrespective of whether the blood is being used during the procedure or not. A percentage of the charges are returned in case the blood is not utilized. Timing for Donors: 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. Kindly note, no certificate will be issued by the hospital for blood donation.

Internet and telephone

Internet: Internet facilities are provided for relatives of Suite and Deluxe class at a nominal additional charge of 50 Rs. /hr, when the patient / relative carry their own laptop. You can contact the Nurse in charge or Duty Manager to avail of this facility or for any other help.

Telephone: All rooms are provided with telephone facilities. Local / long distance call services can be availed through the operator on chargeable basis. Public phones are provided at every ward level and in all public areas. Please contact any hospital staff for help.

Patient counseling

Counselling Department offers psychological services for the patient and their relatives. The counsellor is available between 9:00am - 6:00 pm. Regular updates are also given to your relatives during a procedure by the counselor. The counsellor also arranges meetings between the ICU doctor and your relatives twice a day at (11.00 a.m. & 5.00 p.m.) on the 1st Floor, counselling room.

Consent Form: This is a statutory requirement and is necessary to be signed before any procedure. Your consultant / his assistant will explain to you the details of the procedure. You are advised to clear all your doubts with him and then sign the form. There can be more than one consent form for a procedure.


The hospital runs a 24 - hour pharmacy shop on the ground floor next to the emergency care. Also MICC has one Out-Patient Pharmacy in the reception and one In-Patient Pharmacy on the 4th floor. No medicines / consumables are permitted, to be brought, form outside.