Department of general medicine deals with prevention, diagnosis and management of adult diseases. We also deal with integrating various speciality department to get comprehensive treatment for the patient in an era of super speciality. We also deals with geriatric care , terminal and palliative care.

We are manned with highly qualified and experienced faculty in this department. Under the department we have a fully functional and international standard diabetes department which deals with all aspects of diabetes and nutrition..

The major areas we deals are :
Critical care and intensive care

This departments integrates various departments of the hospital like medicine, cardiology, critical care, nephrology , infection control departments for the speedy out come and early recovery of the patients. We do have we equipped emergency, coronary care unit, medical ICU with best in the world equipment and hands. Due to the better coordination and interdepartmental cooperation we are having best outcome in this arena. We do undertake continuous training and up dates for the nurses and paramedics to up grate and up to date.

Life style and non-communicable disease care

In this era we call it as the era of lifestyle disorders. The life style disorders are causing increased cardio vascular disorders, kidney injuries and morbid obesity, diabetes . early detection , prevention and management of life style disorders increases life expectancy and decreases morbidity and mortality. We are having various health packages for screening and clinical nutrition department for dietary management. Though life style management clinic weplan to reduce the life style disorders and managing complications. Which intern help to reduce CVD burden.

We also deals with

Overall management of all these disorders helps to improve the quality of life we focus more on preventive health programs .

Infective disorders

We also deal with various infections like dengue fever,H1N1,Tuberculosis,Community acquired Pneumonia etc. In house hospital infections, sepsis, UTI etc,through the infection controle department we prevents in hospital infections.

Department of diabetes and endocrinology.

We have a well equipped diabetes department with facility for diagnosis, treatment and management of complications. We manage uncontrolled type 1 and type 2 diabetes with or without diabetes. Gestational diabetes and pregnancy complicated with diabetes also managed by us. Diabetic foot, diabetic neuropathy and nephropathy detected managed by us

We have state of art equipment for detection and management of peripheral neuropathy and vascular disorders. We under take peripheral angioplasty for diabetic foot and claudication pain. Comprehensive diabetic management for diabetes patient as such to prevent complication is our motto. We do handle diabetic sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction
Podiatry care and preventive podiatry wing also fully functional with us. Clinical nutrition department is a part of our department and deals with nutritional management. We can righty vouch that we can provide comprehensive diabetes care than any centre .

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Dr. Abdussamad Nalakath

MBBS,MD(Internal Medicine),(MAHE),PG Diploma in Diabetes(Leicester,UK)
Consultant Physician & Diabetologist
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