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"On time Medical Intervention Brings British tourist Back to Life in Wayanad"

Mr. David and his family were on a happy vacation to God’s own country and were enjoying Wayanad, the green Paradise. Suddenly Mr. David felt an unusual breathlessness and discomfort and sought primary care from Leo Metro Hospital in Kalpetta, an associate of MICC, Calicut. Mr. David was at once diagnosed with the life threatening disease, Acute Pulmonary Thromboembolisim (the sudden obstruction of a lung artery due to a blood clot that dislodged somewhere else in the body) by Dr. Muhammed Shaloob (chief Cardiac consultant Leo Metro & Senior Consultant MICC, Calicut) with the help of 2D Echo. Being a dreaded potentially life threatening medical condition, the emergency team acted quickly and the Doctor instantly thrombolised the patient. He was then shifted to MICC in Calicut with the support of Mobile ICU, for next level of treatment & care. The patient underwent IVC filter implantation at MICC, after providing initial medical management. The blood clot was formed in a vein in one of his legs (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and it suddenly moved to heart and placed in the main pulmonary artery which serves blood to the lung. The cause for coagulation of the blood is happened due to long hours of air travel. This condition is more dangerous than a heart attack and only very few survive such condition. Mr. David survives only because of the timely medical attention, precise diagnosis and exact treatment. The investigation reports, CD’s and the internal case papers sent to the insurance professionals in England was medically evaluated and considering the severity and seriousness of the event they are deputing medical professionals to take Mr. David back safely. Mr. David is now recovered from illness and praises TEAM MICC & LEO METRO, particularly the Doctors for the excellent services rendered. He also wanted to share his joy with each and every one and mentioned about the standard of care of this hospital as par with International standards. Mr. David congratulated Dr. Mohammed Musthafa, the Chief Cardiologist and Managing Director of MICC, for setting up a facility in Kalpetta as well. He feels that the Kalpetta facility will be of immense help to many other tourists like him.