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Another Heart Transplantation at MICC

26 yrs old male patient with a heart disease called Dilated cardiomyopathy with severe heart pumping failure (reduced to less than 15 % ) suffering from the past 3 years and bedridden for the past 1 month due to severe breathing difficulties almost reached the end of his life ,underwent successful Heart transplant yesterday (20/10/2017)at Metro calicut bringing him back to a new life.Donor heart was harvested from Aster Medicity kochi and brought by an AirAmbulance to metro calicut in 1 hr and 10 mts time. Transplant programme was almost in a standstill in Kerala after lots of negative propaganda against it in the social media, now it is slowly gaining momentum.This donor from kochi has donated other organs like kidneys liver and pancreas to four other patients giving new life to 5 patients.On behalf of MICC, I congratulate the entire team of doctors and paramedical at metro for making this heart transplant once again a success which is the most challenging surgery in cardiology . One brain dead patient can give new life to many dying patients. Public awareness is important to give hope to thousands of patients waiting for some organs to sustain life in our state Dr Mohammed Musthafa Chief cardiologist & Managing Director, Metromed international cardiac centre , Calicut.