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farewell to third heart transplant patient - Sinaj

One more golden feather to the cap of Metromed International Cardiac Centre (MICC). Our third heart transplant patient Mr. Sinaj is being discharged and is finally going home with a new heart. Congrats to the combined effort of entire team of doctors under the leadership of Dr. V.Nandakumar, Director CTVS , Cardiac surgeons , Cardiac anesthesiologist, the Cardiologist , the perfusion team and the entire staff. Also prayer to Mr. Binu Krishnan who donated life to Sinaj. May his soul RIP. He has given life to seven more people by donating his Kidneys, Liver, Eyes and Pancreases. Thanks to our MD and Chief Cardiologist Dr. Mohammed Musthafa for coordinating and supporting the heart transplant programme at MICC.