Dr. Mirza Mohammed Kamran

MBBS, DCH, FNB, DNB (Pediatrics)
Consultant - Pediatric Interventional Cardiology

As a leading interventional pediatric cardiologist, he is valued for his comprehensive training in pediatric intensive care, influential academic accomplishments, and prominent community-oriented research projects. Honored as a gold medallist in pediatrics from the well-known Aligarh Medical University, India he has proudly worked with many renowned pediatric cardiac surgeons as an intensivist before heading for his training in exclusive pediatric interventional cardiology at Rabindranath Tagore Institute Kolkata. Moreover, he is the pioneer of establishing a pediatric cardiology unit at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. He is also distinguished for performing more than 1000 cardiac procedures that encompass all diagnostic Cath and interventions.


  • ASD Device Closure
  • PDA Device Closure
  • VSD Device closure
  • RVOT Stenting
  • PDA Stenting
  • Coarctation Stenting
  • Balloon Pulmonary Valvotomy
  • Balloon Aortic Valvotomy
  • Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve Implantation


  • Transcatheter closure of patent ductus arteriosus in children weighing less than 5 kgs: initial experience. Abqari S, Kamran MM, Alam S, Haseen A, Gauhar S, Izhar MF. International Journal of Pediatric Research 2019
  • Catheter based closure of Large PDA(s) with unconventional devices: immediate and short term follow up. Mirza Mohd Kamran, Mahua Roy, Amitabha Chattopadya, SushilShukla
  • Tatralogy of fallot repair at a new centre in north india : our growing experience. Mayankyadav, Sumit Pratapsingh, Mohdazam Haseen , Shad Abqari, Mirza M Kamran. International Journal of scientific research
  • Clinical spectrum of congenital heart disease among the neonates in NICU of a tertiary care centre in western Uttar Pradesh. Kamran MirzaM, Yunus Mohammad, Singh Chitranjan, Sharma Abhishek. Global journal of research analysis
  • Closure of a large upper muscular ventricular septal defect in a 2.3 kg baby using a duct occlude. Mirza Mohd Kamran, Shaad Abqari, Azam Haseen, & Mayank Yadav. (2021). Pediatric Review: International Journal of Pediatric Research, 8(3), 163- 167. https://doi.org/10.17511/ijpr.2021.i03.
  • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on pediatric cardiac services in India. Ann Pediatr Card [serial online] 2021 [cited 2021 Sep 7];14:260-8. Choubey M et al. Ann Pediatr Card 2021;14:260-8


  • Presented a talk on “role of echocardiography in NICU” at IAP meet Aligarh organized at Palm tree Hotel Aligarh of Pediatrics on Nov 2019
  • Delivered a talk on “hands on echocardiography” at Pediatric Cardiology and echocardiography workshop on 26th Nov. 2018 at Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Delivered a talk on “fracture of ADOII delivery cable during device deployment – surviving the storm” in ACT Chennai 10th August 2019.
  • Delivered a lecture on “ASD device retrieval “at Annual conference of Paediatric Cardiac Society of India, Raipur, Oct 2019.
  • Delivered a talk on “ RVOT stenting ” at International Webinar Series by PCSI(Paediatric Cardiac society of India )
  • Delivered a lecture on ASD device retrieval in 3rd international scientific conference on “Congenital and structural Heart Disease” held on 14-15 December 2019 at Dhaka, Bangladesh



  • Presented an e poster and oral presentation at 9th Vietnam Congress of Congenital and Structural Heart Disease held from 8-10 January 2020 at Ho Chi Min City ,Vietnam
  • Poster Presentation: Cardiac Structural Interventions (CSI), Frankfurt, Germany
  • Fracture of ADO II Delivery cable during VSD Device deployment: surviving the storm closure of PDA in less than 5 kg child at Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Attended the 7th congress of Asia Pacific Pediatric Cardiac Society held on August 30th –September 3rd 2018 at Stones Hotel, Bali, Indonesia
  • Delivered a lecture on “ASD device retrieval” Annual conference of Paediatric Cardiac Society of Bangladesh at Dhaka in Dec 2019.

  • National:-

  • Poster Presentation: Annual conference of Pediatric Cardiac Society of India, Raipur, Oct 2019 on Restrictive VSD and Infective endocarditis: Is the concern overstated?
  • Oral Presentation: Annual conference of Pediatric Cardiac Society of India, Raipur, Oct 2019 on Referral pattern of patients under RBSK in a newly established centre of Northern India
  • Oral Presentation: Annual conference of Pediatric Cardiac Society of India, Raipur, Oct 2019 on Inter-atrial stenting in a post op case of TOF
  • Oral Presentation: International Webinar on Pediatric cardiac interventions 13th April 2020stenting the RVOT: surviving the storm
  • Oral presentation in Annual Presented an e poster at the Annual conference of pediatric society of India held from 29th September to 2nd October 2016 at Bangalore.


  • A multicentric registry under Pediatric Cardiac Society of India on Infective Endocarditis in children-Co-Principal Investigator.
  • A multicentric study on “Role of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Diagnosis of Critical Congenital Heart Disease”.- Co-Principal Investigator.
  • A multicentric study under Pediatric Cardiac Society of India “Impact of COVID-19 on the Care of Children with Heart Disease”. Co-Principal Investigator.
  • A Randomised Controlled Trial with Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery and Department of Cardiology at JN Medical College “Angiotensin Receptor-Neprilysin inhibitors (ARNi) Vs Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors (ACEi) in valvular heart disease with low ejection fraction”. – Co-Principal Investigator.


Dr. Amira Ali Shaik

Consultant - Pediatric Interventional Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist
Cardiac MICC